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Warframe's monstrous new bosses are like twisted-up kaiju

Later this year Warframe is getting an update that looks to fundamentally shake up the endgame. Players will head out onto the Plains of Eidolon, an open-world zone full of quests and enemies to kill. Among the most intimidating of those are the Eidolons—ten story tall behemoths that emerge at night to stomp across the plains.

We spoke with Digital Extreme's live ops and community producer Rebecca Ford to get the details on what these things are and how to kill them. Swapping between your operator and warframe, players will need to juggle between the two to create opportunities to open the Eidolon's up for some damage. While they could theoretically be soloed, you're better off bringing a team to help you in the fight.

Check out the video to get more details on the Eidolons and check out the rest of our continuing PAX West 2017 coverage here.

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