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Warframe's Jovian Concord update is coming next week

Ahead of its arrival next week, Digital Extremes has spilled the beans on Warframe's Jovian Concord update. Like the Plains of Eidolon update in April, the titular area has been given a makeover, and this time it seems even more significant. Graphics, tilesets and audio design have all been overhauled, serving both an aesthetic and practical purpose. It looks quite a bit prettier, but the redesign has also been made with the updates to parkour in mind.

You can see how much it's changed in the before and after trailer.

Accompanying the remaster is a new enemy type that's hanging around the Corpus-controlled Gas City. The Amalgams are a hybrid of Corpus and Sentients created by Corpus experiments. On Ganymede, meanwhile, you'll be able to hit up a new endless Disruption mode, which is also full of Amalgams. Keys can be collected from their corpses that activate conduits you'll have to protect. The conduits are a mixed blessing, handing out random player boons and enemy buffs, as well as triggering environmental hazards. 

There's a giant winged boss that you can square up to, new gear and a slew of mods and mod sets that you can get for killing Amalgams and completing missions in the Gas City. Read the full list here.

Another Warframe is also joining the roster. Wisp is a support Warframe with a passive that makes her invisible when she's in the air. You'll need to defeat the Gas City boss to unlock her. If you do, you'll be able to summon helpful Motes that will buff you and your pals, cast a spectral image that baffles enemies and lets you teleport, tear open breaches in reality and create a portal to the sun that blasts enemies with a beam of solar plasma. Crikey. Check out her profile video below. 

That Jovian Concord update originally seemed poised to launch this week, but it looks like it's been pushed back to next week instead. 

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