Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced - brings new characters and modes to the existing game

At last weekend's EVO 2013 event, Capcom announced the next stage of their endlessly iterative fighting series, Ultra Street Fighter IV; planned as a DLC upgrade to the existing word jumble that is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition . It will add the returning characters Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison - who to my untrained eyes are possibly the line up of an '80s New Wave band - along with a fifth mystery pugilist.

Ultra will also bring new modes and stages, as well as a series of balance tweaks to existing fighters. Here's the announcement video:

But where next for the inevitable upgraded upgraded edition? Possibilities include:

  • Hyper Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

  • Venti Street Fighter IV

  • Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Family Size Edition

  • Super Giga Street Fighter IV: Jumbo Turbo HD Dubstep Remix Ultimate Frisbee X Tekken III Kart

  • Street Fighter IV: Origins

Until we learn what Capcom has in store for those fictional updates, you can see how they're changing the existing game's balance over at the announcement post . Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released at the start of next year, and will also be available as a standalone release.

Thanks, Joystiq .