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Trials Rising is free in Ubisoft's Christmas giveaway today

Trials Rising key art
(Image credit: Ubisoft)
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Trials Rising, the latest in Ubisoft's motocross series, is free in the Happy Holidays promotion today, which has offered different games or in-game items each day this week. Rising is a bit of a tricky game to recommend—when it first released, it got a lot of justified criticism for its aggressive monetisation and focus on having you complete brutal optional contracts in order to progress, which is quite a shame because there is a good game hidden beneath all of this. It gives enough of an introduction to how to control your rider to feel beginner friendly, and the difficulty of tracks ranges from satisfying to no-way-oh-my-God-levels of frustrating, something the series is known for. 

To claim your copy, visit the Happy Holidays promotion website and log in with your Ubisoft account. Trials Rising will be available until 5am PT / 1pm GMT tomorrow, December 18, when it will be replaced by one final free goodie.