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Totally Game: Modern Warfare's Ghost goes undercover

This episode of Totally Game is sponsored by Acer Predator. 

The voice and motion capture actor behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Ghost, Jeff Leach, has taken to playing as his character in Warzone, chasing wins and being told he's doing a "terrible impression" of his own voice. 

Leach started streaming when Ghost appeared in Warzone back in February and now streams six days a week on Facebook.  "It's funny, dropping into Warzone in the full Ghost outfit and using the iconic voice and just having kids tell me that I'm doing a terrible impression of Ghost—that always makes me laugh," he says in the latest episode of Totally Game, a video series created by our publisher, Future. 

Leach also made his very own Ghost costume, which is even more authentic thanks to the use of the actual skull mould used by Infinity Ward for the game. He often plays while dressed up as his digital counterpart. 

"I think a lot of players and fans of a particular franchise feel it's a really nice note of recognition when actors from the game who play their favourite characters bother to engage with them on a daily basis."

Recently, fans who signed up to Ghost's Cobra Squad joined Leach on his stream and fought their way through Warzone's Verdansk. Unfortunately, they didn't quite make it to the end, as most of the team was wiped out, leaving Leach on his own. They managed to come in second. 

The actor says he also uses his streams to advocate for mental health, sharing difficulties he's faced with his audience.

"I've found it to be a wonderful avenue for mental health advocacy. I’m not trying to be a therapist for anyone because I'm not educated in that. But there is some therapy in watching someone that you admire talking openly about periods of their life where they might have been in the same situation as you."

You can watch Leach stream on Facebook Gaming and catch his videos on YouTube.

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