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Titanfall's Titan-free Pilot Skirmish mode goes live today

What do you call a game of Titanfall without any titans? It's a question worthy of Bishop Berkeley, who was quite the fan of mech-based multiplayer shooters, as you may recall. Whatever you call it—'Fall', maybe?—Titanfall sans titans is now a thing, at least in the game's new Pilot Skirmish mode, added today. Wonderfully, Update 6 also adds colourblind options and new burn cards to Respawn's game, while removing the penalties for joining a match late.

We went into more detail about the update last week , but the gist is that Pilot Skirmish is an 8v8 mode with no AI or big stompy robot suits to worry about. Bug fixes, tweaks, and a ton of other changes are included in the update too—you'll find the full deets at this link .