Titanfall ditches the Titans for "Pilot Skirmish," a new gameplay mode coming in Update Six

Have you ever played Titanfall and thought to yourself, "This is cool, but it would be even better without the Titans?" If so, then I have some fantastic news: Pilot Skirmish, the new Featured Game Mode coming in Titanfall's Update Six, is exactly that.

Pilot Skirmish is an 8v8 battle mode that completely forgoes Titans or AI combatants. Because it's restricted to just pilots, it sounds like the scaling will be different as well; the update announcement warns that Pilot Skirmish will not be available in Variety Pack playlists "due to the difference in player sizes with the rest of the game modes."

The update features a number of other significant changes, including the addition of Marked For Death as a permanent game mode, three new visual modes for colorblind players, black market daily deals for Burn Cards, and the elimination of penalties for joining a game late. Visual effects and matchmaking have also been improved, changes to the HUD and voiceovers have been made, and of course various bugs have been fixed as well.

All good stuff, no doubt, but it's the Titan-free Titanfall bit I find intriguing. Is this something that players actually want? I don't play so I honestly don't know, but a game about giant fighting robots without the giant fighting robots seems like a weird move to me.

Andy Chalk

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