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This real Cyberpunk 2077 prosthetic is taking merch to a whole(some) new level

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After someone recently made themselves a Metal Gear Solid V prosthetic, the worlds of videogaming and prosthetic limbs meet once again in the form of a real-life version of Johnny Silverhand's… silver hand. Announced on the official Xbox Youtube channel, this is a partnership between CD Projekt Red, Microsoft and non-profit organisation Limbitless Solutions, which seeks to create and donate bionic arms to children and soon to adults. Limbitless Solutions is also active in researching accessibility solutions, for example via videogame training, which teaches individuals to use technology meant to improve accessibility.

Johnny Silverhand's arm is a great fit for Limbitless Solution's foray into providing prosthetics for adults, and this Cyberpunk partnership actually isn't the first—the organisation previously created Halo and League of Legends-inspired prosthetics. 

The promotion video shows a little of the process of how Johnny's arm is made. It will later be donated in clinical trials. If you would like to support Limbitless Solutions, you can visit their official website for more info on how to get involved—this is definitely a great use of the Cyberpunk 2077 license, which can't be said for a lot of the things that have been released in anticipation of the game.