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This 1TB WD Blue SSD is at its lowest price ever, £118 (save 58%)

This 1TB WD Blue SSD is at the lowest price ever, at £118
This 1TB WD Blue SSD is at the lowest price ever, at £118

If you're looking for more space in your gaming rig, to help you store all that hot Anthem Division 2 content, WD has a treat for you. The WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB SSD is currently £118, saving you 58% on the list price. Yes, obviously that saving is over-inflated by Amazon, but it's still a cracking price on one of the most reasonably priced and reliable of the best SSDs for gaming and best NVMe SSDs. It's the cheapest the WD Blue has ever been, and you're getting a lot of storage for your money. If 1TB is a bit rich for you, the 500GB is going cheap too, at £55, which is slightly less than half the normal price. The 256GB is also reduced but... it doesn't seem worth recommending when the 500GB and 1TB are going for much better deals.

1TB WD Blue 3D NAND SSD | £117.97 (save 58%)
You're getting a whole load of super quick SSD here, for £160 less than the recommended price. It's a great opportunity to upgrade.View Deal

500GB WD Blue 3D NAND SSD | £54.98 (save 52%)
Want a little less storage? You can go for the 500GB version, which is £60 less. It's now a very tempting sub-£55 price.View Deal

While the WD Blue series isn't the fastest when it comes to SSDs (it clocks in at 750MB per second), and can't out perform Samsung's EVO or PRO series, but it has always been marked out by a competitive price, and right now it has dropped lower than we've ever seen it in the UK. That's probably due to the imminent arrival of a new model of Blue, but that just means you get more storage for your money right now. The other slight advantage of the WD Blue series is that it draws a bit less power than some other SSDs, so lets you economise a little on that.

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