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The Dota 2 Frankfurt Major is coming in November

The Frankfurt Major

The Dota 2 Major Championships, "a series of seasonal marquee tournaments" that will be held in various parts of the world, were first announced in April and then dated, vaguely, for November a few months later. Now, finally, Valve has revealed that the first-ever Dota 2 Major will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, with 16 teams competing over six days for a total prize pool of $3 million.

The teams that will be invited to take part in the Frankfurt Major or the Regional Qualifiers will be announced on October 5. Regional Qualifiers will take place on October 10-13, while the Open Qualifiers, which as the name suggests will be open to any Dota 2 player who wants to take part, are set to run October 6-9. Registration for the Open Qualifiers will begin on October 1.

The tournament will take place at the Festhalle Messe in Frankfurt, and will be open to the public. Tickets will only be required on the final day, and will be available from Eventbrite on September 27 in two waves, at 11 am CEST and 7 pm CEST, for €50 ($56) each.

Andy Chalk
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