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The creators of Detention and Devotion are working on a new game

(Image credit: Red Candle Games)
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Despite some significant setbacks, including the pulling of its well-received horror game Devotion from Steam, Red Candle Games is currently working on a new project. The Taiwan-based studio confirmed the news on Twitter, to coincide with the debut of a Netflix series based on its first game, Detention.

"The studio has been busy working on our new game," the tweet reads. "Hopefully we can share more info with you soon!"

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Needless to say, we know absolutely nothing more about this in-development project, though the studio's first two games both sit (albeit uncomfortably) in the horror genre. 

It's most recent game, Devotion, was met with critical acclaim before it was removed from sale entirely. The official reason given by Red Candle Games blamed "technical issues," but it also cited an "Art Material Incident", alluding to the outcry surrounding its supposed mocking of Chinese president Xi Jinping. That happened in February last year, and it's still yet to return to Steam.

Devotion has lived on, though: it got a physical edition exclusive to Taiwan, and both Devotion and its predecessor Detention have been preserved by Harvard.

Shaun Prescott
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