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Switchcars is an arcade sandbox with over 1,000 vehicles


Switchcars, then. It's a roguelike, sort of. It's GTA-ish, a little bit. It's... actually, this isn't helping. What will help is the following trailer, which persuaded me that Switchcars was absolutely a game that I needed to write about right now.

To explain, you have two minutes to travel 10 kilometres. To achieve this, you can do pretty much whatever. Steal a car, a bike, a horse or any of the game's over 1,000 vehicles. You're able to store three vehicles in your inventory, and can switch between them at will. And you'll need to, because you'll also switch between new randomly generated terrain at various points across your journey.

Oh, and if you don't make it in time? A big floppy alien shows up.

It looks cool, frantic, and absurdly replayable. I'm a big fan of games that can generate stories out of their mechanics, and this story looks to be one of ridiculous breakneck action.

For more, head over to Switchcar's official site, or check out the TIGForums DevLog.

Phil Savage
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