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Sui Generis, a Kickstarter RPG, showcases remarkable medieval combat physics

Sui Generis
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What we didn't describe in the title is how the force of the Kickstarter's...well, kick sent its momentum spinning around like a top before it compensated back into balance. That's the sort of physics powering Sui Generis (opens in new tab) , an indie RPG upon Bare Mettle Entertainment's anvil that appears to use procedural animations for its melee flail-tastic combat.

Bare Mettle's pre-alpha footage might give off more of a "QWOP with swords" vibe instead of heroic swashbuckling for now, but the developer said it's nailing down Sui's (pronounced like "sweet" minus the "t") physics into something much smoother. As a quick refresher, procedural animation automatically generates physics-based movements in real-time. Think of ragdoll corpses or seeing a character's head turn as a player looks around. Or when you pinwheel into the air after greeting a morning star with your face. That's a good example too.

Sui's Kickstarter page (opens in new tab) has more info, and Bare Mettle's official website (opens in new tab) houses yet more info for you to cut through.

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