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Stellaris update 1.4 paves the way for free Horizon Signal DLC, out today

Stellaris! The game so big they named it 'Stellaris'. And it's about to get even bigger with the free Horizon Signal DLC, created by guest writer Alexis Kennedy (he of Fallen London and Sunless Sea). That's arriving today at some point, and to accompany it Paradox has released a new patch, codenamed, rather touchingly, 'Kennedy'. (Each patch so far has been named after a sci-fi great—the last one after Robert A. Heinlein—so it's quite the honour.)

You can scan the full patch notes here, but the highlights include 33 new achievements, a change to the way extradimensionals work, some new events and a butt-load of balance changes. "Evasion is now capped at 90%", for example, while the devs have also increased the frequency of "alien pet deposits". Great. Thanks for that.

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