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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter redesigns Holmes and Watson

The Devil's Daughter

Creepy Watson is no more. The steely-eyed, middle-aged sidekick from Frogware's increasingly good Sherlock Holmes games has been replaced with the veritable hunk you see above. Both Watson and Sherlock have been reimagined as younger, more dynamic sleuths for The Devil's Daughter—the latest in the interactive story/adventure series, out May 27.

I was rather attached to the Sherlock and Watson of the previous games, and their voice actors, but I can understand why Frogwares might want to update them to attract a bigger audience. As you can see from the first footage, below, the rest of the game seems largely unchanged from Crimes and Punishments. We'll still cross-examine suspects and gather clues via rudimentary minigames, and using seemingly exactly the same interface, too.

We'll even revisit some of the same locations, including that pub where Holmes entered into an intolerable arm-wrestling match in Crimes and Punishments. It's a shame that game didn't ask much of the mind, and I'm hoping for a few more exercises that will engage the old grey matter in The Devil's Daughter. We'll have to wait and see, I suppose. (Ta, Destructoid.)