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Sanctum 2 teaser trailer shows towers for the Tower Defence

Sanctum 2 610x347

As a website, we don't have any presses. But if we did, I'd now be smacking the giant red stop button to insert the breaking, shock news that FPS Tower Defence sequel Sanctum 2 will have towers. That's about the only information that can be gleaned from this all-too-brief teaser for the game.

Okay, one more thing: assuming the video is representative of the in-game art, it seems the environments will be a whole lot more vibrant than the previous instalment. Sanctum's graphics were hardly its most notably feature - often forgotten in the frantic rush to secure cores and shoot the approaching hordes - but some extra visual sparkle is still welcome.

Fortunately, Coffee Stain Studios' development blog provides a wealth of details exploring what the team have planned. That includes more versatile weapons, with an emphasis on skill, enemies that can be aggroed into targeting the player and a retooled survival mode that buffs mobs to provide a quicker, more challenging match.

They've also released a teaser of the soundtrack:

Sanctum 2 is due for release on Steam this year.

Phil Savage
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