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Roguelite immersive sim Streets of Rogue is leaving Early Access

In Streets of Rogue you're a member of the Resistance, with missions to do in a procedurally generated city. You're expected to carry them out with whatever tools your character has at their disposal. If you're a cop you'll be able to arrest people, while a bartender can spike their drinks, or a hyperintelligent gorilla can punch things real good. It's a lot less serious than the likes of Deus Ex. This is the kind of game where you can put poison gas in air vents, but it's also got pills that turn people into giants.

Streets of Rogue has been in Early Access for over two years, but as that trailer above shows, developer Matt Dabrowski is ready for his game baby to leave beta. Streets of Rogue will be out in full come July 12, and is adding "new achievements and mutators" for its release version, with more updates to come after that.

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