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Riot tweaks League of Legends competitive disciplinary measures

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Riot Games has done a lot this year when it comes to purging League of Legends of its more hostile elements. Now the studio has detailed its new approach to competitive bans.

The notion of 'permaban' has been abandoned in favour of two categories of bans: fixed and indefinite. The former is a fixed ban period which can last for a maximum of two splits (ie, a full competitive season). Once these fixed periods expire they will be reviewed individually.

Meanwhile, indefinite bans are exactly that: players will be required to "meet the highest standard of conduct over a sufficient period of time to be permitted back into the League". Indefinite bans will last for a minimum of one competitive season.

It sounds pretty strict, but League Operations Manager Nick Allen says it's more conducive to reform. "By adopting a new framework for disciplinary action, we’re aiming to give genuinely reformed players a second chance, and make sure that players who violate the Summoner’s Code continue to feel the effects of their actions," Allen wrote.

"Respectful, cooperative, and competitively fair behavior applies to all members of the League of Legends community, and it’s especially important that visible ambassadors of the sport serve as role models for their peers."

Full details on the changes can be seen over here. Riot announced last week that it will roll out rewards for well-behaved players.

Shaun Prescott
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