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Revenge of the Titans dev making survival roguelike set in Basingstoke


PuppyGames—the developer of indie tower defence Revenge of the Titans—has released footage of their upcoming game, Basingstoke.

PC Gamer is a global outlet, and so I should probably what Basingstoke is.

This, courtesy of Flickr's Simon Green, is Basingstoke:

Churchill Way, Basingstoke

It's the kind of town that you can spend 99.9% of your life not thinking about. It has a lot of roundabouts, I guess?

This, courtesy of PuppyGames' new trailer, is the computer game adaptation of Basingstoke:

At this point, those of you reading in the UK might need to take a minute to deal with the fact that there is a game called Basingstoke.

Done? Okay, here's the developer on what the game is:

"So the objective is to ultimately escape Basingstoke, like any right-thinking individual," writes Cas. No comment.

"First of all, you’re definitely going to die, and this is going to be quite a challenging game ... when you die, that’s it, game over; and each game has randomly generated levels. The levels are made up of a number of randomly selected prefabricated sections joined together cunningly to create a mix of familiar and unfamiliar."

Basingstoke is due out early next year.

Thanks, RPS.

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