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Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising 2 dropping Games for Windows Live in favor of Steamworks

I don't know about you, but I'm at the point now that when I hear about games transitioning away from Games for Windows Live, my immediate reaction is surprise that there are still games out there using Games for Windows Live. But there are, among them the popular Capcom titles Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 —but not for much longer.

"If you're a fan of smashing zombies (and/or zombie-like Majini) on your PC, then we've got some good news for ya - RE5, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are all coming to Steamworks early next year. With the global popularity of the Steamworks platform, we've seen high demand from fans to bring these highly requested titles to this platform," Capcom announced in a new Capcom Unity post . "Moving to Steamworks will allow more fans across the world to enjoy these games."

Games for Windows Live has been trapped in a sort of existential limbo for quite some time now: It was rumored last year that the service would be closed down this summer, a story Microsoft did nothing to counter by either word or deed until a week before it was expected to happen, when it announced that it was " continuing to support the Games for Windows Live service." And yet it remains effectively dead in the water, slowly bleeding out the few games that haven't already abandoned it. At this stage, whether or not Microsoft continues to support GfWL is virtually irrelevant, because nobody else is.

More information about all the transition will be revealed once launch dates for the Steamworks versions of the games have been settled.