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Quantum Break won't be available on Steam

Quantum Break

Xbox games coming to PC is good news for anyone who doesn't want to cough up cash for a console, but what's the catch? It turns out there is a catch in the case of Quantum Break, but it's arguably not a massive one. According to Xbox marketing guy Aaron Greenberg speaking on a recent Major Nelson podcast, Quantum Break won't be available on Steam.

"Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive," Greenberg said unambiguously. He also mentioned that Xbox achievements will carry between Windows 10 and Xbox One, as the game will share save files across the platforms.

It makes sense that Microsoft wouldn't want to sell a first-party game through a competing storefront, though the move is interesting in light of comments made by Xbox senior director for PC gaming Kevin Unangst last year. "We are not intending to compete with Steam," Unangst told Ian. "If anything, we want Steam to be even more successful—they've done great things for PC gamers in terms of having a single store."

He continued: "Over time do we want more developers to come over to our store and offer it in addition to Steam? Absolutely. Is competition good for people? Absolutely. But our goal right now isn't to do anything else other than support Steam and help it run great on Windows 10."

Quantum Break will release April 15 – the same day at its Xbox One counterpart. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for the Gears of War remaster.

Shaun Prescott
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