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Planetside 2 awards double XP this weekend

It's a great weekend to round-up a rag-tag collection of friends, before throwing them up against the defences of the despicable Vanu/NC/Terrans (delete as applicable) until they're a battle-hardened squad of warriors. Or to just aimlessly fly about in a Mosquito, desperately hoping you at least catch sight of a battle before crashing. That's my tactic, and it's working for me.

This weekend, Planetside 2 will begin throwing out double XP, thus twice rewarding your continent capturing efforts. A tweet from the Planetside 2 official Twitter account explains that this is "a Thank You to players for sticking it out through some launch week server instability." Hopefully this is also a sign that those unstable wrinkles have now been ironed out.

Using this tweet from SOE's Matt Higby, which this morning revealed that the XP boost would be active in 12 hours, and combining it with the ancient power known as Maths, we can determine that they'll be kicking off at 5pm GMT. Hey, that's in the next hour! Better get that Galaxy prepped.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage
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