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Peggle 2 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare won't be on PC at launch

As expected, Microsoft's Gamescom conference held little for personal computer fans (by which I mean people, not heat sinks and stuff). The electro-megacorp have been been quietly dialling back their haphazard PC support over the last week, so they were hardly going to give us a mention now - lest they offend the potentially self-aware Xbone megalith. But nestled amongst their pre-order bonuses and launch exclusives, there was some PC news. Bad PC news: Popcap's Peggle 2 will be spending some time trapped in the Xbox exclusivity prison.

Also, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare will be similarly delayed. If for some weird reason you think that is more important than the sequel to Peggle.

Peggle 2 was announced as a launch title for the all-seeing black brick, with Garden Warfare due out sometime in 2014. What isn't yet known is how long the exclusivity period will last. Certainly, Garden Warfare has been announced for PC, although, so far, Peggle 2 is confirmed only for the Xbox One. Not that you should worry: Popcap are big fans of porting their games onto anything with an electronic display.

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Phil Savage
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