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New Shogun 2 trailer shows divided Japan

Shogun 2 story trailer

The latest trailer for Shogun 2: Total War outlines the divided politics of the war torn era the player will be battling through. It also has a few clips of the gorgeous night time battles, shots of hundreds of samurai marching to battle and men in awesome hats lauding it over the peasant masses with their massive palaces. Check out the video below.

The game is set after 1477, when the Onin War broke apart the Ashikaga Shogunate and Japan's most fearsome warlords took up arms, all fancying themselves as the next great leader. You'll be taking control of one of the nine warlords, bringing peace and prosperity to the nation by chopping up your contenders with a samurai sword. You can check out our early impressions of the campaign map . Here's the video.

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