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Mordhau players figured out how to sneak into the character select screen

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Mordhau player MiZiikE has detailed a way to escape the bounds of the Contraband map. It's a harmless trick (which is somewhat contested in the Reddit thread, but it'll probably be patched out anyway) that wouldn't be very notable if it didn't create a beautiful opportunity to confuse unaware players.

It turns out that the virtual camera which provides the scenery behind Mordhau's character select screen exists within the map, in that out-of-bounds area. That's not surprising—if you've modded anything you know these sensible tricks are common—but it does mean that, should you successfully escape the play area, you can hang out in that character select screen playing Despacito.

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(If you're wondering how to play songs on the lute easily, there's a bot for that. Chris tried it out, but didn't have much success inspiring his team with Yakety Sax.)

Now play Free Bird.

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