Mirror's Edge 2 listing spotted on EA's help centre

In the last week, listings of Mirror's Edge 2 have been spotted on various retailer websites and, most recently, as a page on EA's own Help Center. While promising, it's far from confirmation that a sequel to 2009's freerunning adventure is on the way. Instead, think of it as that slow, early build of momentum that could well lead to a glorious leap into existence. That, or it'll awkwardly stumble, and fall into a chasm of "nope, not going to happen."

The first appearance was on Amazon Germany, which listed an Xbox 360 version of the game at a particularly expensive €99.99. That was followed up by an Amazon Italy listing for an Xbox One release. Both pages have since been removed.

Promising - and slightly troubling given that both sites focused solely on Xbox platforms - but also extremely speculative, especially given the lack of information provided by either page.

But now a more interesting source has been found: EA.com's own Help Center portal . The listing, discovered by NeoGAF , shows the same blank template page used by other unreleased EA games. Naturally, it has now also been removed, but you can see a screenshot below, taken by GAF user 'ekim'.

'Ekim' tested the help page for other potential sequels, noting that Mass Effect 4 and FIFA 2015 do not exist, while FIFA 2014 and Dragon Age Inquisition do. He concludes by saying that every confirmed but unreleased game had a page that followed this template, suggesting that EA don't tend to create them for unannounced games.

Does this suggest a Mirror's Edge 2 reveal is imminent? EA's E3 press conference will take place on June 10th.

Thanks, Eurogamer .