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Minecraft 1.3 patch released, adds tripwires, trading, and more


The Minecraft 1.3 update was officially released today with a healthy list of new stuff, tweaks, and fixes. Among its additions are a "work in progress" version of Adventure Mode, trading with villagers, emeralds, Ender Chests for safe storage, cocoa beans, and books you can write in.

Additionally, the patch introduces more things I can list: single-player mode now runs an internal server which can be shared via LAN; there's a new, searchable, creative mode inventory; wooden logs can be placed sideways; and... everything else .

The winner of Mojang's Minecraft 1.3 Community Commercials contest (above) says it all with much more drama.

Tyler Wilde
Tyler has spent over 900 hours playing Rocket League, and slightly fewer nitpicking the PC Gamer style guide. His primary news beat is game stores: Steam, Epic, and whatever launcher squeezes into our taskbars next.