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Mighty No. 9 is looking solid but uninspired (and very blue)

The first proper bout of footage for Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 shows that, yes, it looks a lot like a certain Capcom series, but let's put the obvious comparisons to Dino Crisis aside for a moment and focus on the Mega Man creator's latest game. After a wildly successful Kickstarter last year - people really like to put their money behind familiar concepts, huh? - we've been afforded our first non-prototypey glimpse of the platformer in action, and while it's a video that holds few surprises, Mighty No. 9 does look like the sort of safe, largely unambitious game I might enjoy on a rainy day.

I don't see anything too mega mighty about Mighty No. 9 yet, but I suspect this is a game that will live or die based on its controls, and it's obviously hard to get a sense for those from any trailer. The enemies and backgrounds, on the other hand, seem a little stiff and dull - but hey, there's still nearly a year of development left. Mighty No. 9 will release Spring 2015, which time fans will correctly identify as 'ages away'. (Ta, Eurogamer .)