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Metro: Last Light FOV patch released, also fixes AMD issues

Deep Silver have released the previously promised FOV fix for Metro: Last Light. A custom config tweak will now let you increase the game's field of view from its default setting of 50 vertical degrees. The developers had warned that changing the FOV could "trigger a number of issues," but isn't post-apocalyptic survival all about cobbling together barely functional tools and resources? At the very least, this crude workaround seems in keeping with the setting.

To change the FOV, find the "user.cfg" file in:


Locate the line: "r_base_fov X", changing X to your desired value. Just remember, the attribute is the less common vertical FOV. This FOV Calculator will help you out should you need to covert.

The update also brings good news for AMD owners: "A patch has been released on Steam to fix issues with AMD hardware, and improve performance for these cards," writes Deep Silver's community manager on the Steam Forums . "It also fixes a shadow visual corruption bug on AMD 7xxx cards, and fixes an issue with the game starting only in 3:1 resolution on some TVs."

Of course, for those of us in the UK, all of these things will already be available for the game's launch, which is due in around seven hours. Let's celebrate that fact with the game's dramatically depressing release trailer:

Thanks, Strategy Informer .

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