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Leaked consumer Oculus Rift images are "ancient," says Luckey


Sleuths in the Oculus subreddit found concept images of the Oculus Rift consumer version—including a controller—in the CSS of the official website. The images have been removed from the site, but of course have been preserved on Imgur, as is the Reddit way. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was quick to respond: Yes, these are real concept images. No, they are not representative of the final version.

The "simple input device"


"This is an old placeholder concept image that we accidentally leaked," wrote Luckey. "Everything in it is ancient, certainly nowhere close to final (as evidenced by the GPU specs and the game named 'war')."

He adds: "Don't expect everything to carry through to the stream on the 11th."

The stream he refers to is a live event happening this Thursday, where we presume the Oculus Rift consumer version will be revealed for real (along with the price and release date, we hope). In the meantime, we just have these "ancient" concepts to go off. Luckey makes it pretty clear that major changes have been made (if one of the selling points being "Watch Stuff" wasn't an indication), but it's at least a glimpse at the direction. We hope to have big news from the event later this week.

The whole leaked image is below. Thanks, sleuthy Redditors and Road to VR.


Tyler Wilde
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