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League of Legends champion Gnar is now available, see him in action here

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You know what? Gnar is pretty cute. Just look at him. I don't want to get sentimental about Gnar, because he's a League of Legends champion and not say, a loved one, but I'm not sure watching Gnar die is something I'm prepared for. The video says Gnar has a "sweet cuddly face" with a "terrifying temper". Sounds like a cat to me.

Teased last month , Riot has sent Gnar free, and the video below demonstrates his movesets and abilities. While mini-Gnar specialises in ranged attacks, mega-Gnar is a huge ugly tank who, mercifully, is not very cute. You can give him a go as of now.

"During the laning phase, use basic attacks and clever casts of Boomerang Throw to trigger Hyper, which chunks your opponent down and helps you stay out of range of their retaliation," Riot Games writes. "Hop's a useful ability, too, but best saved for moments when you need to flee from jungle ganks or guarantee kills against your target. As teams start grouping, Crunch into fights as Mega Gnar before using Wallop, Boulder Toss and GNAR! to burst down the enemy's weaker damage dealers and pummel their tanks."

Full details on Gnar's characteristics are on the League of Legends website . Go easy on the little guy.

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