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Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod gets achievements, lets you make NPCs

Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod update

Remember that Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod? You know, the one we made our Mod of the Week back in September 2013? Do you go on to remember that it received a beta update recently that added Steam achievements, and assorted other stuff? My, you have a fantastic memory. Er...remember when I lent you twenty quid?

Thanks muchly. I have some fuel for future memories in the form of hot news—hot news that the aforementioned update releases tomorrow for everybody. Hooray! From tomorrow, that brill multiplayer mod will come with Steam achievements, plus a few extra, equally exciting features. Feature The First: you'll be able to make your own NPCs, and not by shoving two NPCs together until a baby appears. (You can just drop them into the world.)

You can also display giant text in the game world, Splinter Cell Blacklist-style. I can imagine people having a lot of fun with that one. More details on the mod's forum (ta, PCGamesN.)