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Homefront to use THQ's "Online Pass" system

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THQ's upcoming military shooter Homefront is set to use it's 'Online Pass' in an effort to reduce second hand sales of the game. Those buying the game new will receive the single-use pass free with their purchase. Without the pass, players will only have access to five of the 75 levels available in the online multiplayer mode.

Those who buy the game second hand can buy another online pass for $10, which will unlock all of the online content. It's the latest step in an effort to curb second hand sales, the profits from which go entirely to retailers, instead of being shared between the publishers and developers of the game.

Other companies have tried different methods of reducing second hand sales. Bioware have offered bonus DLC to gamers who bought Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age new. With Homefront, instead of denying second hand purchasers bonus items and characters, the aim is to severely curtail the online component of the game.

Homefront's due out in March, and is set in an alternative vision of America in which North Korea has successfully invaded. Check out the latest trailer here . What do you think of THQ's new system, do you buy many games second hand?

[via Shacknews ]

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