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Homefront: The Revolution trailer teaches "Guerrilla Warfare 101"

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The latest trailer for Deep Silver's upcoming Red Dawn revival FPS Homefront: The Revolution takes a closer look at the game's tools of the trade—“the trade” being shooting dudes, blowing things up, and getting away in one piece.

Weapons are modular, meaning you'll be able to customize them on the fly to best suit whatever sort of large-scale bloodshed you're looking to inflict. Scavenging and crafting will also be an important part of gameplay, although I'll admit to being a bit baffled as to why the creation of an “improvised chemical device” in the middle of a firefight requires any particular amount of cash. Maybe (probably) there's more to the system than is immediately apparent in the video.

It looks pretty decent, but fairly conventional as shooters go, although a trailer can't easily show off things like quality AI, interesting maps, or well-built set pieces. The “hearts and minds” bit at the end is a bit out of place, though: Is there going to be a mini-game that has you building schools and distributing food to the poor? “Norks” is still as silly as ever, too.

Our January hands-on with the game made it sound like good fun, though, even if most of that fun comes from being kind of a jerk to your fellow freedom fighters. Homefront: The Revolution comes out on May 17.

Andy Chalk
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