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Here's five minutes of The Technomancer, Spiders' Martian RPG

The Technomancer

The Technomancer is Spiders' latest Mars-set RPG, and what do you know, maybe it will be alright. It's a sort of follow-up to Mars: War Logs (I say sort of because there's no mention of that game in any of the marketing materials), and the first footage has just crept out of E3. See a guy with an electro-baton and a trendy hairdo whack the living heck out of some red planet baddies; witness a brief bit of stealth; see our hero dude battle an alien creature with a bulging weak spot.

It's all very brown in a Mars sort of way, and it also looks a bit like The Force Unleashed. In The Technomancer, you play as a 'technomancer', or a cybernetically enhanced magic warrior. Devs/pubs Spiders and Focus Home reckon it's both a cyberpunk and a post-apocalyptic game, but I don't see much of the former going on. Still: electromagicpostapocalyptic soldiers are pretty interesting.