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Heat Signature gains music and art direction, draws closer to becoming a game

Heat Signature looked promising, albeit barebones, when this lengthy gameplay demonstration released last month, but now Tom Francis ( Gunpoint , former PC Gamer scholar) has recruited two composers and an artist to flesh out the space stealth game. Compare the image above with the video here and you'll basically see magic happening.

The artist is John Roberts, who was also responsible for the art direction in Gunpoint. Francis' recruitment campaign attracted 313 applications, which is a staggering amount of content to sift through for a one man studio. "This was extraordinary and flattering, then daunting, then impossible, then exciting once I finally had my decision, then absolutely horrible when I had to tell everyone I hadn't picked," Francis writes . "You don't really know how many '313 people' is until you have to say no to 310 of them."

In addition to Roberts, composers Alex Burnett and Ivan Semidolin have been selected to contribute. You can listen to two samples over on the website , and I suggest you do so. Imagine this music combined with the art and you have a very beautiful video game indeed. There's no release window yet, though players will be invited to test the game at some point in the future.

Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian Editor. He loves masochistic platformers but lacks the skill and grace to complete them. He has four broken keyboards hidden under his desk, filed between an emergency six-pack of Reschs and five years worth of XXL promotional t-shirts. He stares out the window a lot.