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Hearthstone interview: "We're not against combo decks"

League of Explorers art

Tomorrow sees the release of Hearthstone’s next adventure expansion, The League of Explorers, and with it 45 news cards to unlock over the course of four wing’s of AI challenges. At BlizzCon this weekend I sat down senior game designer Mike Donais and production director Jason Chayes to chat about the new ‘discover’ keyword, whether they can tell which players are skillful by looking at data, Secret Paladin being the dumbest OP deck yet, and if Hearthstone is about to be overrun by fish people.

Tim Clark
As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time trying to explain why all Priest players are degenerates. The rest of his day is spent playing Destiny 2. Seriously, he's on it right now.