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Hear the Hearthstone cards sing Britney’s "Baby One More Time"


In today’s entry in Things On The Internet That I Didn’t Expect To Exist But Am Glad That Do, allow me to present Britney Spears’ "Baby One More Time," as sung by the cards of Hearthstone. YouTube user Grün Ling has sampled each word of the lyrics up until the first chorus (presumably because at that point, like Alexander the Great, Ling wept, for there were no more worlds left to conquer).

Stick with it past the first couple of lines, which feature Brave Archer and Gadgetzan Auctioneer doing the “Oh baby, baby” bit, because after that slightly underwhelming start it gits gud. Which is to say good, in a "choir of speechbots singing over the credits of a David Lynch sequel to the Warcraft movie" sense of the word. The eagle-eared among you might note that Garrison Commander doesn’t actually say “when”, so some shenanigans seem to have occurred in editing. Maybe one of these cards from the forthcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion can fill the gap? Nonetheless, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a remarkable version of a special song and that Tiny Knight Of Evil is the real MVP.

When does Standard arrive again?

Tim Clark
As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time trying to explain why all Priest players are degenerates. The rest of his day is spent playing Destiny 2. Seriously, he's on it right now.