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Guild Wars 2's Last Stand at Southsun update to hold its ground next week

Guild Wars 2's crab-tossing, beach battling Southsun Cove questline is set to conclude next week, with the release of the Last Stand at Southsun update. From May 28th, ArenaNet will add a new solo story dungeon, asking players to infiltrate Canach's lair to bring down the "renegade" Sylvari. Hmm, are you still a renegade if you've got a lair? Surely you're at least miscreant, if not a full-fledged villain.

Players also get to experience the titular last stand, fending off the advances of the area's overly aggressive wildlife. If batting off some animals sounds a bit anti-climatic, hold off until June 5th, when they'll be joined by a "hulking monstrosity" that ArenaNet say threatens to "destroy the settlers and everything they've built". Which does sound like a more appropriate finale.

Living story aside, the update also brings a series of World vs. World changes. Extra daily achievements, additional rewards and new abilities will be added, including the chance to gain a mastery in pouring hot oil over people. World XP is also being changed, with players being rewarded for a wider range of activities in the Mists.

You can see the full scope of Last Stand at Southsun over at the Guild Wars 2 release page .

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