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Guild Wars 2's Flame & Frost: Retribution guide helps you finish (or start) its living story

Guild Wars 2's living story is coming to an end, with yesterday's release of the Flame & Frost: Retribution update adding the final, heated battle against the Molten Alliance. If you've yet to finish this transitory questline - maybe because you've been busy throwing yourself at a series of pixelated platforms - ArenaNet have released a guide dedicated to getting you caught up before the Epilogue kicks in on May 12th.

You can access the Molten Facility as soon as you log in - with no pre-requisites needed for completion. However, ArenaNet point out that if you want the associated achievement, you must first complete The Razing's Hero's Aid quest.

Not even that far along? Left-click the Retribution World Event and you'll be taken to the Living Story achievement panel. From here you can mouse over any achievement to be told where to go and how to complete it. Check the cities, too. Characters with Living Quest icons will give you more tips on fighting the Alliance.

As of May 12th, all current Living Story quests will end, with the subsequent story-focused epilogue running for a further four days. After that, it's gone for good, with ArenaNet presumably gearing up for some as yet unannounced future events.

More information, including a detailed and spoiler-filled guide, is available over at the ArenaNet blog .

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