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Guild Wars 2 prepares for Twilight Assault with extended free trial and sale

You don't name your splinter faction Nightmare if your plans include wandering the countryside, offering hard-working farmers a cup of Horlicks. As such, it should be little surprise that the depraved arm of the Sylvari have planted yet more seeds of evil, which are due to blossom next week as part of the Twilight Assault update.

That won't mean anything to you if you've yet to try ArenaNet's constantly updating MMO. But thanks to a second, extended trial, you'll have a chance to explore the threatened forests of Caledon alongside the content hungry bands of Level 80 players. Or your could ignore them, and spend your free week doing jumping puzzles instead.

As well as the main event chain, Twilight Assault adds a new Level 80 exploration path to the Twilight Arbor dungeon. It also kicks off the first season of the World vs World competition, which runs the 4th of October until the 21st of November.

The free week starts Friday, 27th of September. While the page isn't yet live, registrations will be taken through the Guild Wars 2 site . That trial is accompanied by a sale, which will see the game's Digital Heroic Edition reduced to £27.99. The trail ends October 4th.

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