Grey Goo releasing on Steam in January

Grey Goo

Grey Goo is a classic-with-a-twist RTS from Westwood-descendant Petroglyph Studios. The twist, in this instance, is more of an ooze: one of the factions is led by a giant, unit-spawning blob of goo.

After an alpha test that took place earlier this year, the team has seemingly made significant progress—so much so that they've now announced a Steam release date. In a forum post, the team say Grey Goo will be out early next year, on 23 January.

In the meantime, "cool information and initiatives" are planned. The first to appear: a development diary covering the feedback from Grey Goo's test process.

For more on the game, check out our most recent hands-on preview. You can see Grey Goo's official teaser trailer below.