Skip to main content adventure game sale discounts Machinarium, Miasmata, To The Moon and more

There are some good deals to be found in's 'Adventurers Assemble' sale , which combines ADVENTURE GAMES with 60% OFF to make a bunch of point-and-click titles cheaper for this weekend only. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to purchase the likes of Primordia, Resonance, Machinarium, the Blackwell series, tearjerker To The Moon, or island survival game Miasmata, then you've found it. The deal ends on Monday at 3:59AM GMT, so you only have... a number of hours left on the clock.

It's primarily a list of indie adventure games, but you will find The Longest Journey and its sequel, and Incredipede on there for some strange reason. Most games will set you back $3.99 - head here to see the full list.