Galak-Z gameplay video — PAX Prime 2014 demo with Jake Kazdal

Last weekend, I sat down with 17-BIT CEO/Creative Director/Art Director Jake Kazdal at PAX Prime to see Galak-Z, a top-down space combat game with procedurally-generated levels, Newtonian physics (think Asteroids), and anime-inspired animation.

Though Kazdal calls Galak-Z a "roguelike," he tells me that death in a mission doesn't reset all progress. Completing all missions in a 'season' unlocks the next, with a total of six seasons that tell Galak-Z's story. Aside from those Macross-style explosions and Kazdal's precision thruster maneuvers, the enemy AI is Galak-Z's most interesting quality—watch the demo below for examples of how to ambush ships and use their enemies against them.

Galak-Z will release on PS4 first, but it's coming to Steam shortly after—"before spring" of next year, says Kazdal.

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