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Football Manager 2013 top bargains

Football Manager 2013 Albin Ekdal

Albin Ekdal - DMC

Does your team need a tough tackling anchor man? A deep lying pass-master? An energetic attacking midfielder? Albin Ekdal is all these things at once, offering everything you could ever need in a central midfielder. Ekdal's greatest strength is his versatility, his ability to both attack and defend with equal competence means he can fill any role in a midfield three, even shifting between them for injuries or substitutions, putting far less strain on your back-up players.

Football Manager 2013 David Mendes da Silva

David Mendes Da Silva - DC/DMC

David Mendes Da Silva is that rarest of things, a centre back who can actually pass the ball, rather than hoofing it optimistically in the direction of his teammates. In addition, he can also be deployed as a defensive midfielder, but lacks the creativity to be effective further up the field. Still, having a defender who can help you build from the back is a massive boost to any team.

Football Manager 2013 Ryan Donk

Ryan Donk - DC

Ryan Donk is a Dutch centre-back named for the onomatopoeic sound of heading the ball Donk! You'll cry as this reasonably priced rock of a defender clears you lines yet again. Donk! You'll call as he buries a corner into the the opposition net. Donk! You'll say as your palm hits your face when you realise you can't stop. Donk! You'll cry as you beat your head furiously against your desk in order to escape the mind-worm I have now implanted within brain. Donk!

Football Manager 2013 Jesper Juelsgard

Jesper Juelsgard - DL

Back in 1994 Jack Charlton ventured the idea that the fullback was the most important attacking player in modern football, and Jesper Juelsgard is certainly a player built with this philosophy in mind. His tackling may be decidedly mediocre, but the young Dane is fit, fast and focused, three of the most important attributes in a modern fullback. He's also an adept passer and crosser, not to mention a dead ball specialist. Just make sure you have sufficient cover at the back, because Jesper is built to bomb down the wings.

Giovani dos Santos - AMRLC/ ST

Poor Giovani dos Santos. He was raised in the same youth system as Lionel Messi, and both players were hotly tipped for greatness. But while Messi stuck with Barcelona, broke into the first team and became one of the world's greatest players, Gio instead took a chance and moved to Tottenham Hotspur, but failed to settle in, and his career has struggled since. However the Mexican winger is still only 23, and for only a couple of million, you can grab him and try and give him a second chance to show off that Catalan style.