Football Manager 2013 top bargains

Football Manager 2013 Sinan Bolat

Sinan Bolat - GK

If you're looking for a younger keeper than Gordon, Sinan Bolat is your man. Priced at a very reasonable £1 million, this young Turk could potentially guard your goal-line for the next ten years, and he has a Belgian passport too, guaranteeing easy transfers within the EU. There's only one problem, he begins the game with a serious cruciate ligament injury, meaning he won't be available until January.

Football Manager 2013 Kermit Erasmus

Kermit Erasmus - ST/AMC

The spectacularly named Kermit Erasmus is a talented forward who is equally at home up front or as a playmaker. Kermit isn't particularly fast, strong or good in the air, but he is a clever, creative player, well suited to playing in a deep 'shadow striker' role, dropping a little deeper to link up with his strike partner, just think of him as the South African Denis Berdkamp. Plus when he misses, you can legitimately shout "You muppet!" at the screen.

Football Manager 2013 Adryan

Adryan - AMC

Every Football Manager edition needs a young, mono-named Brazilian genius, and Adryan undoubtedly this year's version. He turns eighteen just as the game begins, but he already has the talent to play a role in the top leagues in the land, and will only get better with time. Nurture him well, and in a few short years he'll be one of the best playmakers in the world.

Football Manager 2013 Florent Malouda

Florent Malouda - AMLC

While many of my recommendations are young unknowns, Florent Malouda is likely to be a name you'll recognise. The French winger has been a vital part of Chelsea's fortunes for the last few seasons, but it seems they've repaid his years by putting him on the transfer list. How ungrateful. Thankfully he still has a couple of years of top teir football in him, and is willing to transfer for as little as £1 million, making him the ideal way to add an experienced veteran to your squad.