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First-person puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse is Portal by way of the mighty Cthulhu

Say what you will about Portal 2 - unless it's some nonsense about it being five minutes long - but it sure could have used a few more elder gods knocking about the place. As developers of the similarly Cthulhu-themed Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Frogwares (now 3 AM Games) have some experience in this area, and they're putting it to use in a first-person puzzle game that bears more than a passing resemblance to the likes of Portal and Q.U.B.E. In Magrunner: Dark Pulse you're solving puzzles with the aid of a special glove what channels magnetism - however, in addition to beating brainteasers you'll be using it to battle ancient cosmic horrors as well. Now that's what I call multi-purpose. Catch the non-Euclidean trailer after the break.

Frogwares/3 AM might be more famous for their slightly shonky adventure games, but Magrunner certainly looks the part, in the trailer at least - plus it manages to shove in the pre-requisite Moody Shaved Hero Sporting a Backpack who stars in 50% of all modern games. Only Creepy Watson knows how Magrunner will turn out when it emerges from some Hell dimension later this year, but our recent hands-on left us cautiously intrigued.