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Final Fantasy 15's flying car is coming to FF14 as its first 4-player mount

Final Fantasy 15's Regalia—the sleek luxury car Noctis and crew ride around in—is one of the most iconic gaming vehicles in recent memory. It's sexy, it transforms, and it flies. What's not to love? Well, players of the MMO Final Fantasy 14 will now get a chance to drive their friends around in a Regalia of their own as a reward for participating in an upcoming FF15 event due later this spring.

Announced during Final Fantasy 14's Fan Festival in Paris, this special event will see FF15 protagonist Noctis transported to the world of Eorzea to help players on a series of quests. Though we don't know what that all entails, it looks like it will include a special boss battle against Garuda and lots of eating food around a campfire. Y'know, Final Fantasy stuff. One of the rewards for completing this event will be the Regalia itself, which can fly and has room for three friends to ride along. This is the first time FF14 has had a four-player mount, so I imagine it'll be pretty popular with players. What you have to do to unlock it remains a mystery, however.

This isn't the first time Final Fantasy 14 has crossed over with other games. Players have fought alongside Lightning from Final Fantasy 13, sparred against the Rathalos from Monster Hunter, and in the next expansion will even cross over into the world of Nier: Automata in a raid designed by famous game designer Yoko Taro.

Final Fantasy 15's crossover event is due to release mid-April, and FF14's new Shadowbringers expansion is coming July 2.

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