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Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies will shuffle out at the end of August

Ubisoft announced today that Dead Living Zombies, the third and final part of the Far Cry 5 season pass, will be out on August 28. The expansion will support solo or co-op play through missions set in military bases, farmlands, and "urban rooftops," complete with narration provided by D-list film director Guy Marvel, who describes his latest cinematic venture in a new teaser as "Return of the Living Dead meets Bridges of Madison County."  

Also: It's Romeo and Juliet, but "set in a zombie-filled world"—and Romeo is a hulking, hideous mash-up of all the pop-culture monsters you can think of. Like Frankenstein, right? (Yes, I know, "Frankenstein's monster.") The Juliet role isn't explained but my bet is that she's a gun-toting, take-no-guffola heroine at the front of the fight, where she'll lead the stand against the brain-sucking hordes while simultaneously struggling to come to terms with her feelings for one of them. Mmm, gravitas.

There's some obvious potential there for good fun, and I hope Dead Living Zombies lives up to it: The previous DLCs, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars, showed similar camp-comedy promise, but while they both seemed aimed at recapturing the glories of Blood Dragon, I don't think either of them matched up to it particularly well. It'll be nice if Dead Living Zombies can wrap things up on a high note.