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Endless Legend's Tempest DLC comes crashing down next week

Historically, the sea has played rather a big part in Earth's territorial squabbling, so it's nice to see that naval warfare will arrive in fantasy 4X Endless Legend next week. That's the aptly named Tempest expansion that Joe Donnelly already told you about, but that we now have a date and price for. October 14 is the date, and $12.99 / £9,99 / €12,99 is the price. You can preorder it from tomorrow for 25% off, and if you're wondering what's included, well, developer Amplitude has you covered there too.

The biggie is naval warfare, as previously mentioned, meaning "you will be able to battle on the seas using a brand new set of ships unlocked through research. All seaborne units can instigate and reinforce sea battles. Exotic mechanics and tile effects spice up this new type of battle! Ships are also able to bombard cities to damage their fortifications".

The Endless sea (not to be confused with its Sunless variant) is home to ancient relics that, once claimed, will give you power over the elements themselves. There's also a powerful sea beastie to watch out for, along with the ability to build sea fortresses to give you a proper foothold on the, er, waves.

Tempest's various new features will play a large part in the tactical play of the DLC's major new faction, the Morgawr.

"Unconditional rulers of the seas, these crabby new neighbors are designed to take advantage of the new additions in Tempest. They will struggle to progress inland, but will encroach on the coastline with a vengeance, backed up by powerful and terrifying naval units. Yet you shouldn't feel safe from them even far from the coasts, as they are capable of sowing dissent upon previously pacified land, and compel even your staunchest allies to attack you..."

Here's a new trailer introducing the friendly-looking faction: